Lisa Linfield
Lisa Linfield

Deep Grooves: Overcoming patterns that keep you stuck

By Time of article published Aug 11, 2021

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by Rehana Rutti

You all have annoying habits and patterns of behaviour you can’t seem to shake off: behaviours that drag us down and create dissonance in our lives. You are not ignorant. You usually don’t keep repeating patterns of behaviour unless you benefit from it.

Deep Grooves will help you overcome patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Behaviour change can often be a good thing. Some people easily embrace the process of transformation, while others get stuck, afraid to make a move, often paralysed by fear.

It does not matter how much you want to logically change behaviour, it will never win unless you fundamentally change your life-long “I am” and “I’m not” and “I can” and “I can’t”” beliefs. That is how change works!

Lisa Linfield shares insights and tips to effectively navigate the landscape of change. In this book you will:

  • Listen to and follow your intuition and acknowledging those unsettled feelings
  • How journalling assists the management of personal adversity and change
  • Learn the brain science and the shortcuts to “rewiring" your thinking
  • The processes for making changes successfully

Sometimes the subconscious resistance to change is stronger than the desire for a better situation. You won't be able to take sustainable steps towards change until you look plainly at where you are.

You were created to live an amazing life not just survive it. You just need to do the thinking work to achieve it.

A very interesting read.

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