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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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Theatre company’s musical creates ‘safe space’ for others

The Bridgetown Theatre Company (BTC) is currently on a school and university tour with a new musical called ‘HUMAN’, written, directed and choreographed by Mathew ‘Carter’ Poole who also plays the lead role.

The Bridgetown Theatre Company (BTC) is currently on a school and university tour with a new musical called ‘HUMAN’, written, directed and choreographed by Mathew ‘Carter’ Poole who also plays the lead role.

Published Sep 27, 2021


CAPE TOWN - The Bridgetown Theatre Company (BTC) is presenting a new musical called HUMAN that will be performed for free at Western Cape high schools, colleges and universities with the aim of educating young and old about the LGBTQ+ community.

Written, directed and choreographed by 24-year-old Mathew “Carter” Poole who also plays the lead, the musical takes place at Glitz High School.

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All the students are excited about the upcoming matric dance, and Tracy is an openly trans girl who is loved and supported by everyone.

The cast includes: Ryan Brown, Matthew ‘Carter’ Poole, Caren Davids, Amy Du Plooy, Jesse Frankson, Cohen Erasmus, Maxine Splinters, Zimkitha Miya, Abduraghman Adams, Caylim Philander.

Graham is a closeted gay boy hoping to gain the courage to come out and tell his conservative dad. Graham asks Tracy to be his partner for the matric dance and all hell breaks loose. At school; home, scorn from community and fellow students alike.

“My goal is for the musical to appeal not only to the youth with its popular music, fantastic singing, mesmerizing performances and spellbinding dancing. But also to the older generation whereby they can be warmly entertained in a manner not seen before. Yet at the same time gather new knowledge and information about the LGBTQ+ community,” Poole said.

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Poole said the topic was something that needed to be discussed especially at high school level as there people learned to express themselves.

His own journey provided some inspiration for ‘Human’.

“I am gay and very feminine, I don’t identify as trans but am often mistaken to be trans because of my femininity and I dress very feminine. Because I am feminine you could immediately see I was gay in school. I didn't have to come out to family or friends so they could see it and I am very expressive. However there were others in my class who were not very expressive, so it was uncomfortable for them having me around because they were scared would get called out eventually and they don’t want people to think just cause they are gay they are feminine.

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“Through this production I wanted to show there are gay guys that are not very feminine and expressive. People believe because you are gay you have to be feminine, you have to want to be a girl, which is not the case.”

Caren Davids who plays the role of Tracy, said creating a safe space for others to be open was important.

“I play the role of a very supportive friend and as a person in general I am very supportive and open to the LGBTQ+ community. The play in itself creates a safe space for a lot of students because that's where bullying starts, people start breaking you down. But there is nothing wrong with being different, it means you are unique and you are just fine.”

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The production incorporates popular music, singing, mesmerizing performances and spellbinding dancing accompanied with bursts of colour and symbol of the rainbow which supports and represents the LGBTQ+ community.

The tour will continue until October 30. If any school or organisation wishes to book the free show, contact 082 5363651 or email [email protected]

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