Become a software engineer
Become a software engineer

Short course skill stacking can change your career trajectory in 2022

By Supplied Time of article published Dec 1, 2021

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The good news is that employers now are heavily focused on hiring candidates with specific Information Technology-related skill sets and that many of these skill sets can be developed in a relatively short period of time, even without a previous IT background, an education expert says.

“Many people are currently evaluating their careers, realising that they need to invest in the development of their skills to ensure their continued employability,” says Elbie Liebenberg, MD at MindSharp, ADvTECH.

Liebenberg says those who seek to build on their existing skill set in the new year, do not need to make radical changes in their life to be able to do so, as there are great new options available to those who want to learn new skills – or a new combination of skills– in a relatively short period of time while continuing in their current career.

She says it is no surprise that the best bet for professional development now is to expand one’s skills in an IT-related field, and that combining courses from various fields within IT will dramatically improve a candidate’s employability in future.

IT-related fields of study which will fortify your CV include:

Web Developer. Behind all of this digital activity are full stack web developers.

Courses to consider: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 Application Development.

Data security specialist. Qualifying as a data security specialist will enable you to understand the tools, techniques and knowledge required, to also start thinking like a data scientist.

Courses to consider: Python, Data Security Management, Databases.

Software engineer. Software engineering is a creative career that allows you to work with software, hardware, and other computer systems in a wide variety of industries and jobs.

Courses to consider: Java, Python, HTML5 Application Development.

Web designer. Becoming a web designer will allow you to apply your existing knowledge of your field and market in a creative and stimulating new way.

Courses to consider: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Graphic designer. Graphic designers use their creativity to create visual concepts that communicate certain ideas and messages.

Courses to consider: Adobe Photoshop CC 2020, Adobe InDesign CC 2020, Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

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