MacG and Amanda du-Pont. Picture: Instagram
MacG and Amanda du-Pont. Picture: Instagram

Amanda du-Pont's lawyers respond to MacG's attorneys & calls him 'a nobody'

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Dec 7, 2021

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Following the backlash of Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye appearing on “Podcast and Chill with MacG”, the podcaster and Amanda du-Pont have responded to each other via their attorneys.

Well-known author Eusebius McKaiser shared a cease and desist letter sent to the “Little Big Mouth” star from MacG’s lawyer for posting defamatory statements on social media.

In the document shared on Twitter, the podcaster’s attorneys claimed that the statements made in Amanda’s video were “unfounded” and “have consequentially influenced a large number of people to now view and label” MacG as a “rapist and abuser”.

The lawyers also claimed that his reputation was “gravely undermined by her false, slanderous and defamatory remarks”.

Furthermore, he also gave a list of demands that Amanda needed to complete on Monday which included that she immediately cease and desist from making slanderous statements, a public apology on all her social media platforms and that all future contact be done via his lawyers.

In response to this, Amanda’s attorneys said that she isn’t addressing every allegation in his letter.

They also stated that MacG’s reaction to Jub Jub “smashed” comment on his episode of “Podcast and Chill” was “demeaning and degrading to her, in particular, and to women in general”.

Addressing the claims that Amanda’s Instagram video caused MacG reputational damage, they said that “any reputational harm your client may have suffered (of which we are not aware) could only be attributable to your client's own unacceptable behaviour”.

The letter concludes that Amanda would not be making a “public apology” on Monday – or ever.

It also stated that MacG’s claims that he “stands firmly against rape, assault and gender-based violence and does not condone such acts” and “has distanced himself from” Jub Jub’s comments were contradictory to his actions.

The letter ends by stating that Amanda rejected MacG’s request to have a “round table meeting” and they were instructed by the “Skeem Saam” actress to do so since he “is a nobody”.

It adds that she has “neither the time nor the inclination to meet with him”.

Jub Jub also released a statement on his social media platforms following the statement on his behalf by the Maarohanye family’s spokesperson Andile Ngcobo.

In it, he apologised for his comments to Amanda and said he has “decided to make room for the law to take its course”.

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