On hearing the name of Maggi noodles, people’s tongues start rolling. Picture: Supplied
On hearing the name of Maggi noodles, people’s tongues start rolling. Picture: Supplied

WATCH: Think weird food combination swing has ended, think again. A food blogger just combined Maggi noodles with milk and chocolate sauce

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Nov 26, 2021

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On hearing the name Maggi noodles, many people’s tongues start rolling. Everyone from children to the elderly like to eat the noodles which cook easily and in very little time.

But recently some foodies have taken to experimenting with the noodles. And not everyone is impressed.

A video has recently surfaced on social media featuring Maggi made with milk and chocolate sauce. Anjali Dhingra, a food blogger, shared the video on her personal Instagram profile with the caption, “What’s a weird combination that shouldn’t taste good but does?”

Dhingra does not add the tastemaker which comes with the packet of instant noodles. She starts with boiling milk and then adding the noodles to it. Then she adds the chocolate sauce to it and mixes it. Finally, she drizzles some more chocolate sauce on and eats it.

Dhingra explains in the clip that she tried the dish after someone suggested the recipe.

But the experiment does’nt seem to have gone down too well with social media users. Many felt the dish was ridiculous while some reprimanded her for wasting food; others took to the comments section to call the combination bizarre and disgusting. “There are so many people who aren't getting food properly and look at this mess. Hats off (sic),” an angry user wrote. Another person wrote, "This is ridiculous."

This is not the only time Maggi has been a part of such fusion food experiments.

In September, a picture of two milkshake glasses topped with a scoop of cooked Maggi circulated on several social media platforms. The image led to a massive debate on social media, with a number of users saying that experimenting with their beloved dish had gone too far. Many saw the dish as weird and were disgusted by it. Others were horrified at the thought that Maggi could be used as a topping for milkshakes.

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