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Monday, May 23, 2022

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#aTypicalInterview: Stephanie Baartman on her dream of collaborating with PJ Powers

South African singer and actress Stephanie Baartman. File image.

South African singer and actress Stephanie Baartman. File image.

Published Jan 10, 2022


Johannesburg - This week we feature South African singer and actress Stephanie Baartman.

She is best known as a contestant in the third season of the reality television competition Supersterre, in 2010.

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She also stars as Bianca ’Bibi’ Bhele in the kykNET soapie Getroud met Rugby: Die Sepie.

She started appearing in the series from the season premiere in 2016. She has managed to gain ground in the entertainment industry ever since.

You can collaborate on a track with any SA musician. Who do you choose to collaborate with?

PJ Powers, our very own Thandeka. PJ was definitely a bridge-builder in our country, someone who stands for peace and reconciliation, something that I am equally as passionate about. Collaborating with this living legend would be a dream come true.

The best thing you did over the festive period was...?

My parents live in the Eastern Cape and I’m in Joburg. We were not able to visit them in two years because of Covid-19. This festive season we were able to travel home to be with them. We told them that things are looking bleak, we might only be able to come for a very short time, much later in the month. On the 16th of December, we surprised them while they were in a rehearsal for a Christmas production. I just ran in and shouted ’hello’. There were tears all around!

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Your go-to comfort meal when you’ve had a bad day is...?

Pap and kapenta... Kapenta is a little fish similar to whitebait but smaller. I discovered it at a braai a few years ago. A friend from West Africa brought it as a snack and I’ve been hooked ever since. I deep fry it so that it's crispy and enjoy it with pap... Unfortunately having it every day would be a very bad idea.

The best and worst thing about being married is...?

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The best thing is having a best friend with me all the time. Someone I can be silly with, gossip about family with and know my secrets are safe. The worst thing is sacrificing all you are for your partner, dying to yourself for the sake of the commitment you made with the other.

Your fondest memory as a teenager was...?

Travelling overseas for the first time. I took a gap year after school and joined a missionary team, travelling all over South Africa, singing, dancing and doing some theatre. The best memory of that year was when we travelled to Germany. My first time on a flight and my first time setting foot in Europe.

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What are the three things you would most like to achieve in the new year?

1. I’ve been working on my single and would love to see it released this year.

2. I’d love to buy some property as a financial investment.

3. Together with Music of the Night I’d love to be on the stage a lot more. I love television acting, but nothing compares to the instant gratification one gets from performing in front of a live audience.

South African singer and actress Stephanie Baartman. File image.

What story captured your attention in 2021?

Definitely the story of the South African lady pregnant with 10 babies. The fact that a new world record could come from South Africa, the excitement the entire country felt ... Finally some good news in the midst of a pandemic ... then the sudden disappointment when it was all a hoax. A laughable event but certainly one to remember.

The meal that most reminds you of your childhood is...?

A thick hearty soup with bones. Growing up in Cape Town it was an unwritten rule that if the wind starts blowing and clouds gather, you take the bones from the freezer ... mom is making soup tonight. I’ve had that bean soup many times again, and even though it reminds me of home, nothing comes close to the way my mom made it.

The secret to happiness is...?

Being content with where you are in your life. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for more, it simply means accepting where you are and enjoying every moment while on your journey to the next stage.

You are able to visit any country in the world for a dream holiday. Which country do you choose to visit?

The Island of Zanzibar in Tanzania has always been a dream destination for me. The island only has two rainy seasons so it’s basically sunny most of the year. The clear warm waters, diverse culture, and their famous spice plantations make for the perfect holiday.

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